Sunday, February 03, 2008

This reminds me of when I edited a Wall Street weekly and some of the analysts wanted to publish something called a "blog." It was supposed to be edgy and topical.

"But it's edited and printed - how is that a blog?" I objected. "Do they even know what a blog is?"

Here it is: The Metropolitan Museum of Art's fashion blog.

(And here is a well-considered view of the matter, via Ed W.:
"Bloggers are golden when they're at the bottom of the heap, kicking up. Why? When you write for pay, you worry about lawsuits, sentence structure, and word choice. You worry about your boss, your publisher, your mother, and your superego looking over your shoulder. And that's no way to blog.")

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Lisa Hunter said...

And let's not even get started on the wisdom of the Met having a FASHION blog...